Torquemaster to Torsion Springs Conversion

Today I have decided to create a short video that quickly displays a before-and-after Torquemaster to torsion springs system conversion on a customer’s garage door.

Torquemaster is Wayne Dalton’s exclusive spring system and is operated by an iDrive operator. The springs are positioned in a hollow tube and are “invisible” to the naked eye. Hence, you can only assume that a spring is broken when the door malfunctions (usually will go up partially).

garage door repair madison blogmadison garage door repair blogThe main issue with Torquemaster spring system is that the Wayne Dalton no longer manufacturers the iDrive operator. Wayne Dalton was purchased by Genie Operators and stopped making the iDrives.

When a spring brakes on a Wayne Dalton garage door the best alternative, in my opinion, is to convert the system to a torsion spring system. Torsion springs are the best alternative since they are readily available everywhere, most (if not all) garage door technicians use them, they tend to last longer, and you can easily tell if they break.

Just to clarify, Wayne Dalton produces great quality doors, that work perfectly fine with torsion springs.

In the following weeks, I will be posting a Do-it-Yourself guide for Torquemaster to torsion spring conversion setup.


  • Deborah McKinney

    I have a Wayne Dalton and the spring broke. We have a home insurance policy that covers the garage springs but when they sent the company they use the company said they won’t replace the springs on a Wayne Dalton and want to replace the system with a Torsion. The insurance is saying that they won’t cover it because they will be replacing the door track assembly to do this. When converting does the company replace the door track assembly?

    • Staff

      We have to look at the door to be 100% sure, but if it is a regular conversion then the tracks are not being replaced.

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