Replace the Entire Garage Door?


Should you replace your entire garage door?

It’s inevitable: your garage door is going to get banged up through the years. Whether you slightly (or not so slightly) misjudge how close you pulled the car up to the door or the neighbor boy decides it’s time to do some target practice with it, you will eventually have to replace your beloved door. However, before you shell out the money for an entire brand new garage door, take some time to evaluate the damage. Is the whole door in shambles or is it simply one panel of the door? If you only need to replace a section of the door, here are a few things you’ll need to determine when selecting replacement sections:

  1. Door model (if the door was manufactured within the last ten years, you will find a 15-16 digit model number on the inner bottom section)
  2. Which section needs to be replaced?
  3. What are the dimensions of the section?
  4. What color do you need it in?

Once all of those questions have been answered, you’re ready to contact your local garage door company and have the replacement section(s) installed. Keep in mind that although replacing singular panels of your garage door may be cheaper, you might have to purchase an entirely new door.

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When might you have to purchase a new garage door?

  • The door is irreparably damaged in its entirety
  • Your garage door is outdated and no longer has readily available replacement sections on the market
  • You are not content with a new panel being a slightly varied shade (since the other panels have become weathered)

If necessary, replacing the whole door is not a bad thing. It is more expensive initially than replacing a single section, but it yields one of the most significant ROIs (return on interest) of your entire house! Shelling out the extra cash may not be an enjoyable experience, but you will undoubtedly get your money back. If any additional information regarding replacement sections or installation for your garage door is needed, don’t hesitate to call or email the Garage Door Repair Madison WI today! Check out our Clopay garage door brochures in the following link (in the Brochures tab):

Check out our Clopay garage door brochures in the following link (in the Brochures tab):


  • Elite Garage Door Of Tukwila

    Very Helpful Information Sharing About Garage Doors. Thanks.

  • Logan Brown

    You know a few years ago I had rented a house with a few friends and one of them bent one garage door panel with thier car slightly. We had to buy a whole new door! I had no idea we could simply replace the one panel. You live and you learn I guess.

  • Kris Taylor

    Great information. Thanks for sharing.

  • Garage Repair AZ

    Couldn’t have said it any better. This is a great resource for anyone trying to decide if they can replace a garage door panel or if they need to replace the whole door. Great way to find the dimensions of your door as well.
    Great article, keep up the good work. I’m glad I read this.

  • Arletta

    Good points. Good things to evaluate before jumping into a major replacment. Either way the garage door improvement will ultimately add to the value of any home value.

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